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It has been said that everyone has an estate plan. For those persons who do not have a Will or other estate plan, the State of Colorado provides an estate plan through the law of Intestate Succession.  Under this law, if you do not have your own estate plan, the State mandates one for you!

Therefore, all persons including young individuals, middle age couples, and business owners with estates of nearly any size, should have an estate plan to provide a personalized preference of their succession and to preserve  hard earned assets.  Gordon has assisted individuals in preparing Estate Plans that have ranged in size from simple wills and Power of Attorney documents to establishing multiple Trusts with the goal of preserving assets in large estates.

The services of Gordon Williams encompass the full range of estate planning:
• Will preparation from Simple Wills, to more complex Wills with Bypass Testamentary Trusts
• Powers of Attorney, including those for medical matters and those for financial matters
• Living Wills (advanced medical directives)
• Trust creation including Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts and Trusts for Minors
• Assistance with re-entitlement of assets after Trust creation
• Planning for Estate and Gift Tax reduction
• Planning for family members with disabilities
• Representation in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings
• Planning for assets preservation and succession of family businesses
• When it comes time to probate and administer an estate, Gordon Williams helps Personal Representatives locate assets, pay debts, resolve fiduciary and estate tax matters, and distribute inheritances to beneficiaries in a timely manner

Gordon Williams’ Estate Administration Services include: 
• Probate of Wills
• Administration of Estates and Trust
• Preparation of Estate and Trust accounting
• Representation in proceedings involving contested Wills, Trusts and accountings





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